Publicizing Actions

The Center for High Amazonian Studies (NAEA), to which PPGDSTU is linked, has a Communication and Scientific Dissemination Coordination which is responsible for promoting actions to disseminate the activities and results obtained by the research carried out by the Program. The Center maintains the New Notebook Journal NAEA (NCNAEA) and the NAEA Papers series, journals of interdisciplinary approach edited since 1991 and currently with concept B2 and B1, respectively, in the Interdisciplinary Qualis, providing great visibility to the program and its scientific production.


Offer of specialization courses

Since the beginning of its activities, NAEA has offered specialization courses related to Amazonian subjects. As for example, the course of the International Training Program on Amazonian Area Development Projects (FIPAM), whose first class was opened in 1973. However, courses with different themes can be offered according to the policy adopted by the Center. In 2015, FIPAM took place under the theme "Planning and Public Management of Cultural Heritage", carried out in partnership with the National Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) and coordinated by Professor Silvio Figueiredo, tenured professor of the Program.


Integration with Society

Professor Oriana Almeida, along with students of the Masters and PhD Program, was at the forefront of two projects involving the dissemination of the current legislation on Environment and Fisheries. The first project was directed to small rural producers, with guidelines on environmental legislation based on Law NO. 12651/2012 (Forest Code). The second project was aimed at artisanal fishermen, who received both environmental and fishing guidelines. Both projects were developed in the context of the communities in which they were to be implemented, with the result that the production of booklets, audiovisual material and workshops with organizations of small rural producers and fishermen's colonies.