The Sustainable Development of the Humid Tropic Program (PPGDSTU – Portuguese acronym) belongs to the Center of Amazonian Development Studies (NAEA – Portuguese acronym), from the Federal University of Pará. NAEA has existed since 1972, when it was established as a Graduate and Interdisciplinary Research unit focused towards the analysis of the social, economic and environmental dynamics of Amazon. According to the Institutional Plan, its purpose, as an interdisciplinary center, was to provide the integration of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) in its various knowledge outlines, in addition to starting proposition for integration of research and graduate teaching in the international context, especially regarding the Pan-Amazon region.

The Program is composed of Master’s degree and Doctorate. The Master in Planning and Development (PLADES – Portuguese acronym) was implemented in 1977 and it was the pioneer program amidst Strictu Sensu Graduate Programs from the area of Applied Social Sciences and Humanities in the Amazon. The course has been thematic since its beginning, focused towards the graduation and the research on the planning  onofdevelopment. The Doctorate in Sciences – Social Environmental development started in 1994, taking up the critical cutting-edge debate in the time of topics about development, planning and environmental issues.