The PPGDSTU offers examples of postdoctoral studies to Brazilian and foreign candidate who wish to participate in research coordinated by Reseach Professors in the Program. Projects are evaluated through research groups by Professors and Coordinatiors, considering their relevance and the pertinence of the search to the objectives of the Program. When necessary, postdoctoral research projects can be obtained when accepted by the UFPA Ethics Committee, or other competent body. The PhD requires a supervising professor form PPGDSTU.


Post-Doctoral students have to:

a) Maintain regular contact with the supervising professor;

b) Lead at least one seminar session in the academic context of the PPGDSTU;

c) Submit at least one co-authored peer reviewed article. The material must be prepared in partnership with at least one professor and researcher enrolled to the program. The same material has to be the result of original research that is being conducted at the institution;

d) Donate to the NAEA Library at least one copy of publications prepared based on research conducted through the postdoctoral interstice;

e) Give credits to the PPGDSTU / NAEA in publications and other forms of academic dissemination of results obtained from the NAEA research;

f) The copyright of the documents published by the PPGDSTU / NAEA will be donated by the author to the PPGDSTU / NAEA, respecting the authorship.


PPGDSTU / NAEA provides postdoctoral students with the following forms of support:

a) Receive the request and issue an opinion on the work plan;

b) Issue letter of acceptance whenever requested;

c) During the period of stay, the participant of the Program will be given post-doctoral fellowship status;

d) Official presentation, declarations of association with PPGDSTU / NAEA and related documents;

e) Provide access to all infrastructure facilities available in the PPGDSTU / NAEA to carry out the research;

f) During the period of stay in the PPGDSTU / NAEA the postdoctorate can assist students of masters and doctorate to assist them in the elaboration of their dissertations and theses, should any of the students show interest.


Norms that Regulate the Postdoctorate Permanance (ORDINANCE NO. 4.517)